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Look through 167 acronyms and abbreviations related to Martial arts:

AAA Asistencia Asesoria y Administracion    
ACCW Atlantic Coast Championship Wrestling    
ACW Alternative Championship Wrestling    
ACW American Championship Wrestling    
ACWA American Championship Wrestling Alliance    
AIWF American Independent Wrestling Federation    
AJPW All Japan Pro Wrestling    
AJW All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling    
AMW Appalachian Mountain Wrestling    
APW All Pro Wrestling    
APW Appalachia Pro Wrestling    
APW American Pro Wrestling    
APWF Allied Powers Wrestling Federation    
ASW All States Wrestling    
ASWA All Star Wrestling Alliance    
ATCW Atlantic Terror Championship Wrestling    
AWA American Wrestling Association    
AWA Alabama Wrestling Association    
AWA American Wrestling Alliance    
AWC American Wrestling Council    
AWF Atlantic Wrestling Federation    
BBOW Bad Boys of Wrestling    
BCW Border City Wrestling    
BJPW Big Japan Pro-Wrestling    
BSW Badger State Wrestling    
BTW Big Time Wrestling (various locations)    
BWO Blue World Order    
CCCW Central Carolina Championship Wrestling    
CCW Continental Championship Wrestling    
CCW Coastal Championship Wrestling    
CIW Championship International Wrestling    
CPW Championship Pro Wrestling    
CPW Capitol Pro Wrestling    
CPWoM Championship Wrestling of Michigan    
CSWA Central States Wrestling Association    
CWA Christian Wrestling Alliance    
CWA Catch Wrestling Association    
CWF Championship Wrestling Federation    
DSW Deep South Wrestling    
ECPW East Coast Professional Wrestling    
ECWA East Coast Wrestling Association    
EMLL Empresa Mexicana de la Lucha Libre    
EPW Empire Professional Wrestling    
EWA Exodus Wrestling Alliance    
EWA Eastern Wrestling Alliance    
EWF Empire Wrestling Federation    
FCW Florida Championship Wrestling    
IPWA Independent Professional Wrestling Alliance    
ISCF International Sport Combat Federation    
ISPW Independent Superstars of Pro Wrestling