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Look through 308 acronyms and abbreviations related to Marketing:

3E Efficiency, Effectiveness, Economically    
4P Price, Product, Promotion, and Place    
A/O Acceptance of Order    
A4U Agency for you    
AAM Association for Accounting Marketing    
AAMP Association for Audience Marketing Professionals    
ABM Advanced Biological Marketing    
ADR Average Daily Rate    
AIM American Image Marketing    
AIMA Atlanta interactive Marketing Association    
AIME Advertising Innovation and Marketing Excellence    
AIME Analysis and Improvement of Marketing Effectiveness    
AMAR Al Marketing And Analytical Research    
AMCS Advertising Marketing Communications Society    
AME Advertising And Marketing Effectiveness    
ame Author Marketing Experts    
AMIN Advertising and Marketing International Network    
AMMIE Alcohol Marketing Monitoring In Europe    
AMMO Agricultural Marketing and Management Organization    
AMOE Alt Marketing Online Ebay    
AMP Advertising, Marketing, and Promotion    
AMP Artist Marketing Platform    
AMPC Agricultural Marketing Policy Center    
AMS Academy of Marketing Science    
APMA Atlantic Publishers Marketing Association    
APMC Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee    
ARM Advertising Retail Marketing    
ARMS Atlantic Research Marketing Systems    
ATMG Advanced Technology & Marketing Group    
ATMI Atlantic Trading Marketing Inc    
BAMS Branding And Marketing Services    
BBMG British Bloodstock Marketing Group    
BCMA Branded Content Marketing Association    
BDMA Belgian Direct Marketing Association    
BM biopsy marketing    
BMD Barter, Marketing, and Donations    
BMPO Bahrain Marketing And Promotions Office    
BTMG Bournemouth Tourism Marketing Group    
CBM City's Best Marketing    
CDJ Consumer Decision Journey    
CEMA Corporate Event Marketing Association    
CFM Creative Fitness Marketing    
CFMG Customer Focused Marketing Group    
CIM Chartered Institute of Marketing    
CMA Communications Marketing Association    
CMAC Certified Marketing Automation Consultant    
CMFA Consumer Marketing Funds Authorization    
CMG Comag Marketing Group    
CMG Customer Marketing Group's    
CMI Content Marketing Institute