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1D One times the Diameter    
1_D One And One-Half times the Diameter    
2D Two-Dimensional (Bi-Dimensional) (2 times the Diameter)    
3D Three-Dimensional (Tri-Dimensional) (3 times the Diameter)    
3DCS Three-Dimensional Control System    
3DMBD Three-Dimensional Model Based Definition    
3DVA Three-Dimensional Variation Analysis    
3M Man, Machine, Material    
3S Sort, Straighten, Sweep    
4D 4 times the Diameter    
4S Sort, Straighten, Sweep, Sustain    
5D 5 times the Diameter    
5S Sort, Straighten, Sweep, Sustain, Self-discipline    
5X 5 Axis    
6X 6 Axis    
A&I Assembly and Installation    
A&S Accident and Sickness    
A/C Aircraft    
A/V Air Vehicle    
AA Air Abrasion    
AAE Atmospheric Air Ejector    
AAM Alliance for American Manufacturing    
aam American Axle Manufacturing    
AAMA American Architectural Manufacturing Association    
AART Alternative Assembly and Reflow Technique    
ABL Approved Bidders List    
ABPC Alkyd Base Primer Coating    
ABR As-Built Records    
ABR Abrasive Blasting and Restoration    
ABV Air Blast Valve    
AC Aqueous Coating    
ACCP Area Control Code Positions    
ACD Aircraft Certification Document    
ACMC Advanced Composites Manufacturing Centre    
ACO Administrative Contracting Officer      
ACO Authority for Change Order    
ACSOS Acquired Customer Specific Option Selection    
ACWP AccuracyActual Cost of Work Performed    
AD airworthiness directives (FAA)    
ADL Applicable Documents List    
adm Analysis Data Management    
AEM Agricultural Engineering Manufacturing    
AEMC American Energy and Manufacturing Competitiveness    
AF Air Filter    
AF Anti Friction    
AFA Accurate Fuselage Assembly    
AFP Automated Fiber Placement    
AFS Archive File Service    
AFSCE Axi-symmetric Forward Spiral Composite Extrusion    
AGM Applied Global Manufacturing's