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AEM Assembly and External Maintenance    
ALV Advanced Logistics Vehicle    
AMBD Automated Maintenance Database    
AMF Area Maintenance Facility    
AMSF Army Maintenance Supply Facilities    
APMSM assembly phase maintenance simulation model    
ASD Army Shipping Document    
AT&L Acceptance Test & Logistics    
BM Bench Maintenance    
BMB Base Maintenance Building    
BMB Bench Maintenance Building    
BME Bench Maintenance Equipment    
BMTS Bench Maintenance Test Set    
CIF Cost, Insurance, Freight    
CLMC Central Logistics Management Center    
CMCS Centralized Maintenance Computer System    
CMM condition-monitored maintenance    
COSIS Care Of Supplies In Storage    
CSCMP Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals    
CSS Centralized Supply Support    
DELOG design engineering logistics    
DILSA distributed integrated logistics support analysis    
DIMATE Depot Installed Maintenance Automatic Test Equipment    
DMCF deservicing, maintenance, and checkout facility    
DMF Depot Maintenance Facility    
DR/MR discrepancy report/material review    
ELM Experimental Logistics Module    
EMMA Expert Missile Maintenance Aim    
EMMA Expert Missile Maintenance Aid    
EMRL Equipment Maintenance Requirements List    
ISSA Interservice Supply Support Agreement    
ISU Industrial Solution Utilities    
JLSC Joint Logistics Service Center    
LBSP Logistics Business Systems Plan    
LCV Logistics Cargo Vehicle    
LDC logistics data center    
LDRP Logistics Depot Repair Procedure    
LES Logistic Execution System    
LM Logistics Manual    
LMRT Logistics Management Responsibility Transfer    
LMS Logistics Master Schedule    
LMT Logistics Management Transfer    
LOGCENT Logistics Control Center    
LOIS Logistics Information Simulator    
LSACN logistics support analysis control number    
LSAS Logistics Support Analysis Strategy    
LSM logistics support manager    
LSPPS Logistics Support Plan for Preoperational Support    
LSR Logistics Success Rate    
LSR Logistics Shop Release