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3PL Third-Party Logistics    
4PL Fourth Party Logistics    
A&EM Assembly and External Maintenance    
ABC activity based costing    
ABM Activity Based Management    
ACC Aircraft Controlling Custodian    
ADA Acquisition Decision Authority    
AEL Allowance Equipment List    
AEM Assembly and External Maintenance    
AFALD Air Force Acquisition Logistics Division    
aflc Air Force Logistics Command's    
AIIM Association for Information and Image Management International    
ALC Air Logistics Center    
ALMS Automated Logistics Management System    
ALS advanced logistics system    
ALV Advanced Logistics Vehicle    
AMBD Automated Maintenance Database    
AMF Area Maintenance Facility    
AMSA Area Maintenance Support Activities    
AMSF Army Maintenance Supply Facilities    
AOM Advanced Order Management    
APICS American Production & Inventory Control Society    
APL Allowance Parts List    
APML Assistant Project Manager for Logistics    
APMSM assembly phase maintenance simulation model    
APS Advanced Planning and Scheduling    
APS American Purchasing Society    
aps Advanced Planning Systeme    
APS Advanced Planning System (USAFE)    
ASD Army Shipping Document    
ASF Army Stock Fund    
ASL allowable supply list; archipelagic sea lane; assign switch locator (SL) routing; authorized stockage list (Army)    
ASP Application Services Provider    
AT&L Acceptance Test & Logistics    
ATAC Automated Tracking and Control    
ATCP Association of Trade Compliance Professionals    
ATP Available To Promise    
AUTOSERD Automated Support Equipment Requirements Document    
AVIM Aviation Intermediate Maintenance    
AVUM Aviation Unit Maintenance    
BCM Beyond Capability of Maintenance    
BER Beyond Economic Repair    
BM Bench Maintenance    
BMB Base Maintenance Building    
BMB Bench Maintenance Building    
BME Bench Maintenance Equipment    
BMTS Bench Maintenance Test Set    
BPR Business Process Re-engineering    
BW Business Warehouse    
CAA Clean Air Act (1970, amended in 1977, and again in 1990)