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a class A stocks    
AAF Asset Allocation Fund    
AAGR Average Annual Growth Rate    
AAR Average Annual Return    
ABB Activity-Based Budgeting    
ABF Asian Bond Fund    
ABI Absolute Breadth Index    
ABS Automated Bond System    
ACATS Automated Customer Account Transfer Service    
ACB Adjusted Cost Base    
ACT Automated Confirmation Transaction Service (NASD)    
AD Advance/Decline Line    
ADF Andorran Franc    
ADR American Depositary Receipt    
ADS American Depositary Share    
ADTV Average Daily Trading Volume    
ADX Average Directional Index    
AED United Arab Emirates Dirham    
AER Annual Equivalent Rate    
AFA Afghanistan Afghani    
AGI Adjusted Gross Income    
AGM Annual General Meeting    
AHT After-Hours Trading    
AIR Assumed Interest Rate    
ALL Albanian Lek    
AMEX American Stock Exchange    
AMPS Auction Market Preferred Stock    
AMT Amount for Married Taxpayers    
ANG Netherlands Antilles Guilder    
AON Angolan New Kwanza    
AON All or None    
APR Annual Percentage Rate    
APT Arbitrage Pricing Theory    
APV Adjusted Present Value    
APY Annual Percentage Yield    
AQO Average Qualitative Opinion    
ARM Adjustable Rate Mortgage    
ARR Accounting Rate of Return    
ARS Argentinian Nuevo Peso    
ASCOT Asset Swapped Convertible Option Transaction    
ASX Australian Stock Exchange    
ATHEX Athens Stock Exchange    
ATOI After Tax Operating Income    
ATR Average True Range    
ATS Austrian Schillings    
AUD Australian Dollar    
AUM Assets Under Management    
AWG Aruba Guilder    
AXJ Asia Ex-Japan    
B/D Barrels per Day