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Look through 171 acronyms and abbreviations related to Civil aviation:

*A Star Alliance    
a Discounted First booking class    
AACT AA Candy Thief    
AC Air Canada    
AF Air France    
AFF Australian Frequent Flyer    
am Aeroméxico Mexiko    
AOG Aircraft On Ground    
AQ Aloha Airlines    
AQIS Australian Quarantine Inspection Service    
AS Alaska Airlines    
ASK Available Seat Kilometres    
ASM Available Seat Mile    
ATB Automated Ticket/Boarding pass    
ATK Available Tonne Kilometres    
AVOD Audio and Video On Demand    
AVOD Audio Visual On Demand    
AY Finnair, Oyj - Finland    
AZ Alitalia    
b6 Jetblue Airways    
BIS Butt in Seat    
BW BWIA West Indies Airways    
c/n Constructor's Number    
CA Air China    
CASM Cost per Available Seat Mile    
CASR Civil Aviation Safety Regulations    
CI China Airlines - Taiwan    
CIP Commercially Important Passenger    
CIR Circle Pacific fare    
CL Chairman's Lounge    
CO Continental Airlines    
COS Customer of Size    
CRS Computerized Reservation System    
CTO City Ticket Office    
CTOs City Ticket Offices    
CUTE Common-Use Terminal Equipment    
CX Cathay Pacific Airways    
cx carriers    
CZ China Southern Airlines    
d Discounted Business booking class    
DJ Virgin Blue Airlines    
DL Delta Air Lines    
DM Departure Management    
EGR Electronic Upgrades    
EIS Entry In Service    
EMR Electromagnetic Radiation    
EQM Elite Qualifying Miles    
ETOPS Extended-Range Twin-Engine Operational Performance Standards    
EUG Electronic Upgrades    
EXP Executive Platinum