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Look through 612 acronyms and abbreviations related to Amex symbols:

AA P Alcoa Aluminum, Inc. Preferred    
AB Cannon Express, Inc    
ABL American Biltrite Inc.    
ABR Atlantic Premium Brands, Ltd.    
ACFD Applied Capital Funding, Inc.    
ACT P Allegiant Capital Trust I    
ACU Acme United Corporation. (American Stock Exchange [AMEX])    
ACY Aerocentury Corporation    
AE Adams Resources and Energy, Inc.    
AER Aegis Realty, Inc.    
AFP United Capital Corporation    
AFV American Quantum Cycles, Inc.    
AGH Atlantis Plastics, Inc.    
AGP AMERIGROUP Corporation    
AGT AimGlobal Technologies, Inc.    
AI American TeleSource International, Inc.    
AIA American Insured Mortgage Investments    
AII American Insured Mortgage Investments, L. P.    
AIK American Insured Mortgage Investments, L. P., 1988    
AIM Aerosonic Corporation of Delaware    
AIP American Israeli Paper Mills, LTD.    
AIS AMPAL American Israel Corporation    
AJX Standard Automotive Corporation (formerly Ajax Automotive)    
ALF Assisted Living Concepts, Inc.    
ALI Alterra Healthcare Corporation    
ALR Allied Research Corporation    
ALT Alteon Inc.    
ALU Allou Health & Beauty Care, Inc.    
AMC American Mortgage Acceptance Corporation    
AMI Alaris Medical, Inc.    
AMK American Technical Ceramic Corporation    
AMM Advantage Marketing Systems, Inc.    
AMMA Advantage Marketing Systems, Inc. Class A    
AMS American Shared Hospital Services (American Stock Exchange [AMEX])    
AMV Amerivest Properties, Inc., of Delaware    
AMW Amwest Insurance Group, Inc.    
ANA Acadiana Bancshares, Inc., of Louisiana    
AND Andrea Electronic Corporation    
ANE Alliance Bancorp of New England, Inc.    
ANH Anworth Mortgage Asset Corporation    
ANK Atlantic Tele-Network, Inc.    
AOI Apple Orthodontix Inc    
AOP AppOnline Communications, Inc.    
API Advanced Photonix, Inc.    
APL Atlas Pipeline Partners, L. P.    
APO American Community Properties Trust    
APR Automatic Picture Replacement    
ASB Salomon Smith Barney Holdings I    
ASE American Science and Engineering, Inc.    
ASY Airport Systems International, Inc.