What does DBS mean?

DBS means Drunken Brainless Scum

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What is the abbreviation for Drunken Brainless Scum?

Drunken Brainless Scum can be abbreviated as DBS
What does DBS mean? It stands for Drunken Brainless Scum
DBS - Drunken Brainless Scum in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having DBS

Wawancara khusus saya di DBS to the point Berita Satu, malam ini pukul 20.05 WIB

Of the 8 DBs who started in tonight's 49ers vs Cardinals game, half of them are from #LSU. Peterson, Mathieu, Reid and Rashard Robinson.

JUST IN: Percy Harvin is coming out of retirement to sign with the @BuffaloBills. (via @RapSheet) DBs, be warned...

Giants OC Mike Sullivan going off on DBs playing mind games with Beckham. "They're not confident enough in their abilities, not courageous."

Strong stuff from Giants OC Mike Sullivan on why DBs try to rattle Odell Beckham: "Theyre not confident in their abilities. They're afraid."

"You know how it is when us DBs get the rock in our hands." @Stuntman1429 joined @DeionSanders following #KCvsCAR.

Clemson's stadium is hitting 102-107 dBs tonight down on the field. Louisville's stadium hit 100 dBs vs. FSU.

#Michigan at #Iowa means 2 of the best DBs AND best stories of perseverence in CFB meet (@JourdanJD & Desmond King):

Mailbag: Focusing On The 49ers' Passing Game? Re-Signing The DBs? Answers:

FDA clearance brings first human trial of DBS for #stroke recovery one step closer

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Lot of talk about Miami's young front 7, but vet DBs played well. Corn Elder put a hurting on this man

Deshaun Watson threw that behind and Alexander makes a big pick in the end zone. UL DBs are playing big.

Bank note reform may depress inflationary pressures: DBS

I'll say it again: NFL DBs are best athletes in all of sports. Go ahead. Flame me.

That fourth quarter where the Chiefs DBs were intercepting or nearly intercepting every pass was awesome

Fidelity Investments puts 20% of revenue back into technology - Dan Brownell @Fidelity #wow #DBS_16

Titans DBs are atrocious. Two TDs came when they couldn't make a tackle in space.

By 2029 60% of companies must expand their digital footprint by else risk 35% profit erosion #dbs_16 @ISG_Insights

Asked BB about Patrick Chung. Considers him one of the most competitive DBs he's had in NE, mentions his work vs. Wes Welker in practice


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does DBS stand for?
DBS stands for "Drunken Brainless Scum".
How to abbreviate "Drunken Brainless Scum"?
"Drunken Brainless Scum" can be abbreviated as DBS.
What is the meaning of DBS abbreviation?
The meaning of DBS abbreviation is "Drunken Brainless Scum".
What is DBS abbreviation?
One of the definitions of DBS is "Drunken Brainless Scum".
What does DBS mean?
DBS as abbreviation means "Drunken Brainless Scum".
What is shorthand of Drunken Brainless Scum?
The most common shorthand of "Drunken Brainless Scum" is DBS.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word DBS in term.