What does BIFF mean?

BIFF means But I Fell Flat

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What is the abbreviation for But I Fell Flat?

But I Fell Flat can be abbreviated as BIFF
What does BIFF mean? It stands for But I Fell Flat
BIFF - But I Fell Flat in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having BIFF

I woke up in Back to the Future 2 with Biff Tannen running America into the ground!

This DNC "bullies" video with Trump as Biff Tannen absolutely killed it:

This is your daily reminder that Biff from "Back to the Future 2" is about to accept the nomination of a major party for president of the US

That feeling when Marty McFly discovers Biff Tannen is President

This Trump film is like a parody of the Biff biopic in Back the the Future II #RNCinCLE

We interrupt this holiday... because I've finally twigged who Trump has been reminding me of for months: Biff in Back To The Future 2.

Trump is like the dumb bully who isn't funny and doesn't realize the joke is on him. Essentially, Donald Trump is Biff Tannen.

This #RNCinCLE bio video about Trump looks & sounds just like the Biff Tannen Museum film from Back to the Future II

Whoa. #DemConvention shows a bully montage. Biff from "Back to the Future." Regina George from "Mean Girls." And Donald Trump.

#BacktotheFuture Electronic Racing Slot Car Set w/ DeLorean Time Machine & Biff's 1946 Ford!

More Comments with BIFF...

#backtothefuture 's Tom Wilson can't just make like a tree and leave Biff Tannen behind:

#NASCAR | Don't look now but here comes the BIFF! @gbiffle @roushfenway @RIRInsider

This is what was playing on a loop outside Biff Tannen's casino.

We have power laces, a possible Biff Tannen presidency and no hoverboards. WTF did Doc and Marty do to get us in this alternate timeline?

Backstage with my son #Biff at #LiveAid #Philadelphia #TBT

He's evil Biff Tannen from alternate 1985 ala Back to the Future II. Total butthead...

PNP: No plans to beef up Bato's security despite BIFF, ISIS threat

I'm not telling you to call the President Elect "Biff" from now on, but I'm not not telling you to

Just walked through a Trump protest outside Trump Towers in NYC. Very surreal. Like in Back to the Future when Biff Tannen gets rich.


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does BIFF stand for?
BIFF stands for "But I Fell Flat".
How to abbreviate "But I Fell Flat"?
"But I Fell Flat" can be abbreviated as BIFF.
What is the meaning of BIFF abbreviation?
The meaning of BIFF abbreviation is "But I Fell Flat".
What is BIFF abbreviation?
One of the definitions of BIFF is "But I Fell Flat".
What does BIFF mean?
BIFF as abbreviation means "But I Fell Flat".
What is shorthand of But I Fell Flat?
The most common shorthand of "But I Fell Flat" is BIFF.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word BIFF in term.