What does :) mean?

:) means Short smiley

This acronym/slang usually belongs to Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat category.
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What is the abbreviation for Short smiley?

Short smiley can be abbreviated as :)
What does :) mean? It stands for Short smiley
:) - Short smiley in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having :)

Feels good to be back! :) #Disney #ThatsSoRaven

Anytime :) X

[#2016MAMA] Star Countdown D-18 by #BTS. What come to their mind when they think of Hong Kong? :) #hotelscombined

Yo estoy molto feliz y algun dia os lo iba a contar obviamente. Pero bueno, la gente esta sedienta de salseo como siempre asi que ahi va :)

WELL.... Here we go! Never been so excited and so nervous to post this. Haha can't wait to see you having fun :)

Heureux de pouvoir vous faire gagner une GTX1080 :) RT+Follow @NVIDIAFrance & @Benoitdx9 GL!

DO NOT TRY THIS!! Haha here you go! This was absolutely awesome :) thanks for sharing and pushing so hard!!

After 8 years!!! Here we are. Thank you for being such a massive part of our life :)

We're opening our Quezon City branch very soon! See you po! :)

me and my friends stay fly :)

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Descansa :)

Huge 50-minute vlog coming out later tonight...Lot of juicy tidbits in it, well worth the watch. :)

Hunter Rowland :) followed you!

I CAN'T and I WONT @shelleyhennig :)))) #TWS6

Good morning everyone :)

NEW VID a love song/a non love song a duet written with @JonCozart :)

Video nuevoooooooo!! "BROMAS EN LA CALLE EN VIVO!" Esperamos que les guste :) RT RT RT RT!! #DosogasNuevoVideo

do you believe these conspiracies?! **CONSPIRACY THEORIES & NEW MANDELA EFFECTS** RT ? :)

PM shows President Erdogan 'Wall of fame' that exhibits pics of ex-PMs. PM NS is the only one to have three pics :)


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What does :) stand for?
:) stands for "Short smiley".
How to abbreviate "Short smiley"?
"Short smiley" can be abbreviated as :).
What is the meaning of :) abbreviation?
The meaning of :) abbreviation is "Short smiley".
What is :) abbreviation?
One of the definitions of :) is "Short smiley".
What does :) mean?
:) as abbreviation means "Short smiley".
What is shorthand of Short smiley?
The most common shorthand of "Short smiley" is :).