What does :-) mean?

:-) means priest

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What is the abbreviation for priest?

priest can be abbreviated as :-)
What does :-) mean? It stands for priest
:-) - priest in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having :-)

Video for girls talk boys :-)

12,000 or orange hearts in the air tonight, super awesome ! Amazing show thanks Mansfield :-)

Melbourne, it's been a while. Love you :-)

Melbourne, it's been a while. Love you :-)


Naughty @WayneRooney! Always want my old teams to win but Liverpool are my first love. What about you? Once a Blue always a Blue? :-)

Megaupload is coming back. Spread the word :-)

We start 6B today. So weird that this is the last time we do this. Well... I'd love to chat, but it's time to get to work! :-) @MTVteenwolf

Probably won't post this so here you guys go :-)

Drudge calls FL for Trump. :-)

More Comments with :-)...

My pollster friend crunched the numbers and thinks Trump may have gotten as much as 34% of the Latino vote. :-)

love y'all this means a lot to me and my mom, can't wait to see you guys reppin my home state for a good reason :-)

Rush right now. Says he sees signs Democrat Leadership is getting ready to throw Hillary under the bus. Seems we heard that somewhere. :-)

For all the little girls, big and small. Go out and conquer :-).

ALSO. my album isnt coming out on June 24th and if it was id let you all know by now. when i know - youll know. :-)

The Democrats lost literally everything. The White House, Congress, Governorships, State Houses and now the Judiciary. We done good. :-)

Our officers have the moves! PC Dan Graham earlier filming for the #RunningManChallenge :-)

Congrats Manavaditya .Overcoming Challenge is reward itself, Nothing else matters. Here is your shot for gold :-)

#Benghazi is now so crazy that the groom went to the house of his bride in a decorated tank. True love :-) @akhbar


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does :-) stand for?
:-) stands for "priest".
How to abbreviate "priest"?
"priest" can be abbreviated as :-).
What is the meaning of :-) abbreviation?
The meaning of :-) abbreviation is "priest".
What is :-) abbreviation?
One of the definitions of :-) is "priest".
What does :-) mean?
:-) as abbreviation means "priest".
What is shorthand of priest?
The most common shorthand of "priest" is :-).