What does DGA mean?

DGA means Don't go anywhere

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What is the abbreviation for Don't go anywhere?

Don't go anywhere can be abbreviated as DGA
What does DGA mean? It stands for Don`t go anywhere
DGA - Don`t go anywhere in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having DGA

Half this season was directed by female and/or minority directors so maybe get your facts straight DGA. But thanks!

Am 18.11. kommt "Das goldene Album" !!! Hier ein weiterer Vorgeschmack!!! Guten Appetit!!! #JaMan #DGA...

Wiebes beantwoordt vragen over DGA (incl. concrete situaties) Zeer benieuwd naar reacties van ZZP'ers do debat TK

Women and minority directors continue to be overlooked for first-time TV gigs says new DGA study

The Film Independent Forum returns October 21-23 (DGA - LA). Member pre-sale starts tomorrow

Wtf ? No twizzlers at the DGA ? This movie better be good. @HurricaneBianca

Overlooked: the DGA elected Dems in West Virginia, North Carolina and Montana who ran as MODERATES.

#TheWizLive cast reunion DGA Emmy event w moderator @hollyrpeete

Rehearsal w/ @davidalangrier @LuvbeingShanice @NeYoCompound #thewizlive #Emmy panel tonight DGA @hollyrpeete host

Gov. Malloy chairs DGA, DGA gets cash from Cigna/Anthem, Malloy appoints Cigna exec to decide Cigna/Anthem merger

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.@hollyrpeete hosts #TheWizLiveFYC group DGA 6/1 @IAMQUEENLATIFAH @maryjblige @NeYoCompound @MsAmberPRiley #Emmys

SAG and DGA host tonight's Film Happy Hour at the Intercontinental SFA bar. Starts at 5pm!

PGA as precursor of Best Picture: No. DGA as precursor of Best Picture: No. Amazing end to a really interesting evening.

Missed this while in the air: DCCC Chair @repbenraylujan endorsed @HillaryClinton this morning. (DSCC, DGA heads still on the sidelines.)

Directing can be fun #dga

Tonight's episode was directed by the incomparable @danetheridge, the only member of the DGA to make all four Golden Girls cry in public.

@shondarhimes Made me make you!! #DGA

With the beautiful and talented @kerrywashington at the DGA #deoncoleslaw #justakidfromthechi

Want to see which TV shows NEVER hire women & minority directors? Check out the DGA's annual report:


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does DGA stand for?
DGA stands for "Don't go anywhere".
How to abbreviate "Don't go anywhere"?
"Don't go anywhere" can be abbreviated as DGA.
What is the meaning of DGA abbreviation?
The meaning of DGA abbreviation is "Don't go anywhere".
What is DGA abbreviation?
One of the definitions of DGA is "Don't go anywhere".
What does DGA mean?
DGA as abbreviation means "Don't go anywhere".
What is shorthand of Don't go anywhere?
The most common shorthand of "Don't go anywhere" is DGA.