What does DMV mean?

DMV means Download Music Videos

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What is the abbreviation for Download Music Videos?

Download Music Videos can be abbreviated as DMV
What does DMV mean? It stands for Download Music Videos
DMV - Download Music Videos in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having DMV

if trump wins you'll hear a collective "killlllll" all through the dmv

Federal court: Wisconsin has "disturbing pattern" of denying voter IDs, DMV must contact disenfranchised voters

Wale puts his DMV flair on new 'Pull Up Hop Out' freestyle. Listen here:

Free flock. Free Dream. Free Cal. Free Q. Free Swerve. Free Geetchie. Free Nahom. Long Live Swipey. #DMV

Als Staatsbank 1.7 miljard winst Dan 400 miljoen besparen dmv ontslagen Daarna mogen wij de uitkeringen betalen

Good to know that if I'm strolling past the DMV w/ my AR15 and decide to occupy it...well, it's not like I had a "plan", so no harm no foul

@BeckyGFacts good times at the DMV lol

I have to go to the dmv today. Is this what a gradual descent into hell feels like?

Hey DMV don't forget TODAY is the last day to register to vote tomorrow is the last day in Maryland

Over 200 people in Wisconsin petitioned the DMV on Election Day to get a voter ID:

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PHOTOS: Hunter's Moon as seen from around the DMV:

#Autumn morning at Gros Morne National Park. Photo by Tom Hamilton @ABC7News #weather #DMV #Canada @VisitGrosMorne

#GucciMane x #Common #DMV

Ready or not, parts of the Northeast & mountain ridges west of #dmv looking at #snow potential this weekend!

The sloths working at the DMV in Zootopia is an accurate depiction of how I function on Mondays.

"We are Americans when we pledge allegiance" Kareem Jabbar @wusa9 @DMVFollowers @dmv @NWDCScoop

JUST IN: Frost Advisory for parts of the @ABC7News viewing area. Cold temps may damage sensitive plants. #DMV

If you have an DL, you already have what you need to vote. If not, stop by DMV #WIVoterID

Experts say California DMV was unprepared for disaster recovery.


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What does DMV stand for?
DMV stands for "Download Music Videos".
How to abbreviate "Download Music Videos"?
"Download Music Videos" can be abbreviated as DMV.
What is the meaning of DMV abbreviation?
The meaning of DMV abbreviation is "Download Music Videos".
What is DMV abbreviation?
One of the definitions of DMV is "Download Music Videos".
What does DMV mean?
DMV as abbreviation means "Download Music Videos".
What is shorthand of Download Music Videos?
The most common shorthand of "Download Music Videos" is DMV.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word DMV in term.