What does YANNO mean?

YANNO means You Know

This acronym/slang usually belongs to Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat category.
Particularly in Texting Abbreviations
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What is the abbreviation for You Know?

You Know can be abbreviated as YANNO
Other shorthands for You Know are: YKNW, UNO, YK, AYK, YANO, YKW, SYK, YKW, hyk, UKT, BYKT, ynw, ykw
What does YANNO mean? It stands for You Know
What does YANNO mean? - Definition of YANNO - YANNO stands for You Know. By AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having YANNO

It's dope to throw a filter on and have a professional pic. But don't edit it too much yanno?

Yo, tune into @Radio1RockShow in like 40 mins. Be there or be square... Yanno, cuz you're not aROUND... Amirite? Ok I'll stop.

oh, he's gonna wish he hadn't said that. he's also, yanno, seemingly wrong.

kinda alters, yanno, the whole afc everything.

and baseball? game's the game, man. i make more than a garbage man. he works harder. capitalism, yanno?

Supporting the work of the Black Panthers includes continuing the work. Yanno, like feeding the poor, mentoring youth, supporting moms etc

I only have a daily TV show where, yanno, I talk about sports for a full hour. But as you were.

no, my misunderstanding was the outrage from ppl who, yanno, aren't cops. ppl took that one almost personally.

It's the racist and sexist domination thing, yanno

except, yanno, all those other days you listen so you can tell this is the best in a while. got it.

More Comments with YANNO...

why would the kings do this? which, yanno, might mean they would, as it would make no sense.

or, yanno, you can just go with "codeine," as that's the part that matters. it'll work better in your copy.

ppl act like the spurs haven't had great top end talent over the years. because, yanno, we don't watch the spurs. but alas.

For you fans who joined us in 2010 for the first Cup run, this is the type of play we watched from about 1993 until then. So. Yanno.

Let's do one "what its like being triplets" Yanno.... Since im your guys triplet

got kobe stans on me. aaliyah stans on me. trump stans on me. and, yanno, cleveland. helluva range there.

@Zoesmyhappiness I'm not sure I have yanno! Teary maybe but not cried

Donald Trump legitimately doesn't know what the 1st Amendment is which I'd say is incredible given he's, yanno, running for President.

byron scott has been to the nba finals twice. brian hill once. so yanno.


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does YANNO stand for?
YANNO stands for "You Know".
How to abbreviate "You Know"?
"You Know" can be abbreviated as YANNO.
What is the meaning of YANNO abbreviation?
The meaning of YANNO abbreviation is "You Know".
What is YANNO abbreviation?
One of the definitions of YANNO is "You Know".
What does YANNO mean?
YANNO as abbreviation means "You Know".
What is shorthand of You Know?
The most common shorthand of "You Know" is YANNO.