What does IDC mean?

IDC means I Don't Care

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What is the abbreviation for I Don't Care?

2 ways to abbreviate I Don't Care
I Don't Care can be abbreviated as IDC
Other shorthands for I Don't Care are: CARE
What does IDC mean? It stands for I Don`t Care
IDC - I Don`t Care in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having IDC

yeezy still gets my bread tho idc

being black so lit idc idc idc

If the first word you ever said was "daddy" you're a hoe idc

Trump got elected and then my snapchat starts messing up ... Idc it's his fault

What happened BEFORE me is none of my business and it was BEFORE me lol why would I care? As long as he is a faithful in a relationship Idc

Who's heard my latest single with Aewon Wolf? IDC

zane: u should use this for clickbait instead me: idc!!!! also me: zane can u word this clickbait caption our last didn't do well

@JakeBoys go talk to all your other 97 hoes idc w/e

water is delicious, idc what any mustard-colored pisser has to say.

.@IDC expert @gerwang talks #AugmentedInnovation in #SmartCities:

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don't let anyone tell you your sensitivity makes you weak. idc if it sounds trite: being compassionate means you're strong.

i will give my life for Marc Gasol idc idc this is like the third game tying/winning shot

Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa to launch 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW2016), IDC Campus, Johannesburg.

School children depicting the 70th Independence Day during IDC- 2016 rehearsals at Red Fort on 11 Aug 2016.

According to Latest IDC Report - Top Smartphone Vendors in India 1 Samsung 2 Lenovo + Moto 3 Micromax 4 Xiaomi 5 LYF - Reliance Jio

I called my senator & senator-elect anyway, to thank them and let them know idc about "reaching across the aisle"; they need to fight for us

Watch @ngsiangchin of the @IDC on stage at #BMCEngage speaking on digital innovation LIVE at:

Damnnnnnnnn, Dallas. Back at it again with the first round exit. Did I reach? Idc.

When key grips earned $12.28 an hour: A look back at the original IDC Hollywood Labor Guide


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What does IDC stand for?
IDC stands for "I Don't Care".
How to abbreviate "I Don't Care"?
"I Don't Care" can be abbreviated as IDC.
What is the meaning of IDC abbreviation?
The meaning of IDC abbreviation is "I Don't Care".
What is IDC abbreviation?
One of the definitions of IDC is "I Don't Care".
What does IDC mean?
IDC as abbreviation means "I Don't Care".
What is shorthand of I Don't Care?
The most common shorthand of "I Don't Care" is IDC.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word IDC in term.