What does DH mean?

DH means Dick Head

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What is the abbreviation for Dick Head?

Dick Head can be abbreviated as DH
What does DH mean? It stands for Dick Head
DH - Dick Head in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having DH

Possible HOU lineup in '17: RF Springer, 3B Bregman, 2B Altuve, SS Correa, LF Reddick, 1B Gurriel, C McCann, DH Gattis, CF Marisnick.

THEFT OF AUTO: Fort York Bl + Bathurst St -Panel van stolen -Had a number of dogs in it -Male, white, 6'0, blond hair #2049156 ^dh

Trade of McCann clears the Yankees to sign a FA DH-type, and they'd like Carlos Beltran to return.

#Yankees trying to escape long deals for older vets. Can go Hicks/Judge RF, Bird/Austin 1B. Shorter deal for Beltran as DH seems better fit.

with $ saved from mccann trade, yanks look for a big dh. beltran, encarnacion among those on menu.

MISSING: Robert Alexander, 84 -Photograph only Anyone with info 416 808-3100 ^dh

MISSING: Natalie Anurak, 35 -Photograph only Anyone with info 416 808-5200 ^dh

the astros were the 1st team the yanks had a deal with for mccann, and he approved. he has full no-trade. will be C/DH

Without McCann, who would have been ticketed for a lot of DH at bats in 2017, a reunion with Beltran seems very logical.

MISSING: Xuan Le, 65 -Photograph only Anyone with info 416 808-5300 ^dh

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McCann has been told by #astros that he will be the primary catcher, which means Gattis is backup plus DH. #Yankees

ALCS Game 4 Tribe 9: Santana DH Kipnis 2B Lindor SS Napoli 1B Ramirez 3B Chisenhall RF Crisp LF Naquin CF Perez C ------------- Kluber SP

MISSING: Robert Alexander, 84 -Scar on forehead -Blue checked shirt, brn pants, blue shoes -Walks with shuffle -Frequents Tim Horton's ^dh

FOUND CHILD: Islington Subway -7 year old boy -Lost from parents -Waiting at collectors booth -Police en route #1848671 ^dh

PERSON WITH A GUN: Royal York Rd + Lambeth Rd -In store -2 ppl with guns at cash -Yelling at cashier -Fled in car #1849594 ^dh

#Yankees can now try for a DH type such as Beltran who can provide some protection if Judge/Hicks flop in RF.

I thought McCann and LH power could help Yankees as DH, backup C/1B. But Yankees like the 2 young Ps and feel can get DH offense elsewhere

PERSON WITH A GUN: Lawrence Av + Brockley Dr -May be an armed robbery -Man with silver handgun -Has fled -Officers searching #2043343 ^dh

Indians Game 3 lineup DH Santana 2B Kipnis SS Lindor 1B Napoli 3B Ramirez RF Chisenhall LF Crisp CF Naquin C Perez SP Bauer


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does DH stand for?
DH stands for "Dick Head".
How to abbreviate "Dick Head"?
"Dick Head" can be abbreviated as DH.
What is the meaning of DH abbreviation?
The meaning of DH abbreviation is "Dick Head".
What is DH abbreviation?
One of the definitions of DH is "Dick Head".
What does DH mean?
DH as abbreviation means "Dick Head".
What is shorthand of Dick Head?
The most common shorthand of "Dick Head" is DH.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word DH in term.