What does BMW mean?

BMW means Bowel Movement Wagon

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What is the abbreviation for Bowel Movement Wagon?

Bowel Movement Wagon can be abbreviated as BMW
What does BMW mean? It stands for Bowel Movement Wagon
BMW - Bowel Movement Wagon in Common / Miscellaneous / Community by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having BMW

This man saved 70 people from ISIS snipers by driving them to safety in his bulletproof BMW

Autonomous cars will be here in: Tesla: 2 yrs Toyota: 4 yrs Ford: 5 yrs BMW: 5 yrs Lyft: 5 yrs Uber: Depends GOOG: 3-30 yrs AAPL: What car?

Sheer parking pleasure. #BMW Remote Control Parking.

You can ride this futuristic @BMW motorcycle without a helmet

.@BMW is building a self-balancing motorcycle that looks like the 'Batcycle'

The best way to predict the future is to design it. Photo credit: @ thepowercew on Instagram. #BMW #next100

RANGE ROVER VS BMW i8 RACE!!: via @YouTube

The first ever automotive optimised touch interaction system. The all-new #BMW #5series Sedan.

The #BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition. In honour of @Wittmannracing's 2016 @DTM driver's title.

Tomorrow's luxury available today: the #BMW #7series Sedan. #drivingluxury

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Some dude just sneezed and a BMW employee said Bless you from an entirely different room Am I even in America?

Illuminating! The door handles of the all-new #BMW #5series Sedan guiding you in the dark.

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Asian sensation: the BMW M6 GT3. @AsianLMS @teamstudie

Peshmerga soldier uses BMW to rescue civilians pinned down by ISIS in Iraq

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Paul Rosche, the engineering legend behind so much of BMW's motorsport success, has died:

Mad.. @kreptplaydirty buys his mum a BMW but gets pulled over by the police -


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What does BMW stand for?
BMW stands for "Bowel Movement Wagon".
How to abbreviate "Bowel Movement Wagon"?
"Bowel Movement Wagon" can be abbreviated as BMW.
What is the meaning of BMW abbreviation?
The meaning of BMW abbreviation is "Bowel Movement Wagon".
What is BMW abbreviation?
One of the definitions of BMW is "Bowel Movement Wagon".
What does BMW mean?
BMW as abbreviation means "Bowel Movement Wagon".
What is shorthand of Bowel Movement Wagon?
The most common shorthand of "Bowel Movement Wagon" is BMW.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word BMW in term.