What does AQAP mean?

AQAP means As Quick as Possible

This acronym/slang usually belongs to Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat category.
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What is the abbreviation for As Quick as Possible?

As Quick as Possible can be abbreviated as AQAP
Other shorthands for As Quick as Possible are: QAP
What does AQAP mean? It stands for As Quick as Possible
AQAP - As Quick as Possible in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having AQAP

Intelligence Brief: AQAP Publishing New Inspire Guides - #AQAP #Inspire

Efforts to counter #AQAP "will require detailed local knowledge, continued attention, and an abundance of patience."

The history of #AQAP catalogues every dimension of frustration in combatting #terrorism, says RAND's @BrianMJenkins:

WH counterterrorism adviser Lisa Monaco says #AQAP still persistent/determined 2 attack West, particularly via aviation means. #DefOneSummit

US drone strike kills #AQAP commander and militants in #Yemen on Thursday

Gulf Coalition Targeting AQAP in Yemen - @WashInstitute (excellent article on Mukala operation)

BBC reporter finds Qaeda militants fighting alongside UAE, Yemeni gov forces against Houthis #AQAP #ISIS #KSA #SAUDI

Ex-Gitmo detainee and AQAP official Khubayb Al-Sudani lauds Al-Shabab's deadly 'strategy' to attack African Union military bases in Somalia.

6. That's not unusual: Took more than a day to get ISIS' claim post Nov 13; and several days for AQAP to claim Charlie Hebdo

AlQaida-#Yemen "camp was located in the mountains, and was being used by more than 70 #AQAP terrorists," per spox Peter Cook

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In big news, reports are trickling in that the head of AQAP, Qasim al-Raymi, was killed yesterday in US airstrikes in Yemen.

Pentagon spokesman praises #Saudi-led coalition fighting AQAP in #Yemen

US support to Yemen currently limited to common objective: defeating AQAP and denying it safe haven regardless of its location

Last Friday: 4 counter-terrorism airstrikes in Yemen against AQAP, which killed 10 al-Qa'ida operatives and injured one.

W Amb #Otaiba @UAEEmbassyUS on US-UAE military cooperation,demonstrated by recent operations in #Yemen against #AQAP

Small number of US military personnel back in #Yemen to help in fight vs "troubling growth of #AQAP"

BREAKING US boots on the ground in Yemen. @wjhenn reports that US special operations forces are helping oust AQAP

DoD today says a "small number" of US boots on the ground in Yemen fighting AQAP. They've been there for a couple of weeks.

US forces on ground in #Yemen, providing intel support to #UAE efforts to push #AQAP out of port city of #Mukalla, per Pentagon #voaalert


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What does AQAP stand for?
AQAP stands for "As Quick as Possible".
How to abbreviate "As Quick as Possible"?
"As Quick as Possible" can be abbreviated as AQAP.
What is the meaning of AQAP abbreviation?
The meaning of AQAP abbreviation is "As Quick as Possible".
What is AQAP abbreviation?
One of the definitions of AQAP is "As Quick as Possible".
What does AQAP mean?
AQAP as abbreviation means "As Quick as Possible".
What is shorthand of As Quick as Possible?
The most common shorthand of "As Quick as Possible" is AQAP.