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Look through 41 acronyms and abbreviations related to Hydrology:

23F Twenty Three Feet    
ACCST Advanced Continuous Channel Shifting Technology    
ACWI Advisory Committee on Water Information    
ADF Average Daily Flow    
AEP Annual Exceedance Probability    
AML Abandoned Mine Lands    
ARI Average Recurrence Interval    
BGL Below Ground Level    
CEH Centre for Ecology and Hydrology    
CHY Commission for Hydrology    
DAMBRK DAM BReaK Food Forecasting Model    
DWOPER Dynamic Wave Routing Model    
FIV Flowline Isolation Valve    
FLDWAV FLow Dynamic WAVe    
FLDWAV FLooD dynamic WAVe    
FMS Flood Management Strategy    
HADS Hydrometeorological Automated Data System    
HESS Homehydrology And Earth System Sciences    
HMS Hydrologic Modeling System    
HOST Hydrology of Soil Types    
HWR Hydrology and Water Resources    
JEH Journal of Environmental Hydrology    
MIV Main Inlet Valve    
NOHRSC The National Operational Hydrologic Remote Sensing Center    
PHG Palestinian Hydrology Group    
PMF Probable Maximum Flood    
PMP Probable Maximum Precipitation    
pptf Pounds Per Thousand Feet    
PSP Pumped Storage Project    
Sshp Site Specific Hydrologic Prediction System    
SWBD SRTM Water Body Data    
TWL Top Water Level    
UNET An internal program for water flow simulation.    
WBM Water Based Mud    
WQH Water Quality and Hydrology Group    
WRFM Wells Reservoirs Facilities Management    
WVW West Virginia Watershed    
WVW Wissahickon Valley Watershed    
WVW Wimberley Valley Watershed    
WWIX Waste Water Ion eXchange    
ZWP Zero Water Peak