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2WD Two Wheel Drive    
AAAVYT Asociación Argentina de Agencias de Viajes y Turismo    
AAC Australian Accommodation Council    
AACB Association of Australian Convention Bureaux    
AACB Australian Association of Convention Bureaux    
AACVB Asian Association of Convention and Visitor Bureaux    
AACVB Arkansas Association of Convention & Visitors Bureaus    
AALARA Australian Amusement Leisure and Recreation Association Inc.    
AATTA Arab Association of Tourism and Travel Agents    
ABAV Associacao Brasileira de Agentes de Viagem    
ABBC Australian Bed and Breakfast Council    
ABC Advance Booking Charter    
abc Australian Broadcasting Commission's    
ABCA Australian Bus and Coach Association    
ABTA Association of British Travel Agents    
ACA Australian Camps Association    
ACC Area Consultative Committee    
ACC Australia's Coral Coast    
ACHET Association of Chilean Tourist Enterprises    
ACIP Advisory Council on Industrial Property    
ACME Association of Convention Marketing Executives    
ACORN Alternative Classification Of Residential Neighbourhoods    
ACSI Australian Coalition of Service Industries    
ACTA Alliance of Canadian Travel Associations    
ACTP Atlantic Canada Tourism Partnership    
ACTU Australian Council of Trade Unions    
ACTW Australian Council of Tour Wholesalers    
ACVB Adelaide Convention and Visitor's Bureau    
ADB Asian Development Bank    
ADFOA Australian Duty Free Operator's Association    
ADR Average Daily Rate    
AEA Association of European Airlines    
AESTA Antigonish and Eastern Shore Tourist Association    
AFACT Australian Farm and Country Tourism Incorporated    
AFTA Association of Finnish Travel Agents    
AFTA Australian Federation of Travel Agents    
AGALTA Australian Gay and Lesbian Tourism Association    
AGO Australia's Golden Outback    
AGTE Association of Group Travel Executives    
AHA Australian Hotels Association    
AHMA American Hotel & Motel Association    
AHPA Australian Heritage Parks Association    
AHTPA Australian Historical and Tourist Parks Association    
AIA Australian Incentive Association    
AIDA Australia-Indonesia Development Area    
AIEST Association Internationale d'experts Scientifiques du Tourisme    
AIM Association of Independent Museums    
AIME Australian International Meetings Expo    
AIR Arbeitsgemeinschaft Incentive-Reiseveranstalter    
AIT Alliance Internationale de Tourisme